Sarah Kurtz, Director of Business Relations

Sarah holds a Master certification from the State of Missouri. She received her Bachelor of Science in American Sign Language - English Interpreting from William Woods University. Sarah has over 15 years of experience in the interpreting profession working in a wide variety of settings. She has vast experience working with individuals with High Visual Language needs. She also has several years of experience as an Independent Living Specialist and running the Deaf and Hard of Hearing services for a Center for Independent Living. Sarah has also acted as a mentor to numerous new interpreters and enjoys passing on her knowledge.

Michelle Demartino, director of interpreting services

Growing up with a Deaf cousin and attending school with friends who were Deaf, Michelle’s interest in sign language began. This interest turned into a passion and eventually her career. Michelle is a University of Missouri alum and graduated from Maple Woods Community College in 2010 with an Associates of Applied Science in Sign Language Interpreting. She holds an Advanced interpreting certification through the State of Missouri and is certified in Kansas with a level 4/4. With over 10 years of experience, Michelle enjoys working in a variety of settings including medical, legal, performance interpreting. She also enjoys mentoring students and new interpreters.



mindy johnson, mentorship coordinator

Mindy’s interest in working with the Deaf Community began during high school when she met a Deaf peer. This interest grew into a profession as a sign language interpreter. Mindy holds a National Interpreter Certification and an Advanced certification through the state of Missouri. In 2007, Mindy graduated from Maple Woods Community College with an Associates in Applied Science degree in Sign Language Interpreting. She immediately began interpreting and later decided to further her education. In 2015, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Interpreting Studies from William Woods University. With over 12 years of experience in the field, Mindy is driven by accepting the responsibility and honor that interpreting requires and the privilege she has in witnessing the daily lives of the people she serves.


Christina Godinez, SSP Program Coordinator

Christina might be a new face in the Kansas City area, but with 11 years experience, she is not a stranger to interpreting. Christina moved from Oak Grove, Missouri, to attend the Interpreting Program at William Woods University in Fulton, Missouri. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in 2005, she worked as a community interpreter in Columbia, Missouri. In 2011, she returned to Kansas City and focused on educational interpreting. She is now excited to be back in the field of community work.


Carmen Bartlett, Office Manager

Carmen provides interpreter scheduling and a variety of administrative support services for Beyond Interpreting. Carmen has over 20 years of experience working for private and public organizations that provide services for children and adults with developmental delays/disabilities, and their families. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Social Work from Southeast Missouri State University.


Rana Bohart, Administrative Assistant

Rana provides interpreter scheduling, accounts payable and a variety of administrative support services for Beyond Interpreting. Rana is a graduate of South Holt R-1. She comes to us with 7 years of paraprofessional experience, 2 years as a Day Care center director and 21 years experience of raising a daughter with a disability.