Support Service Provider Training and Services

Serving the Northwest & Southwest REgions of Missouri

what is a support service provider?

A Support Service Provider (SSP) acts as a link, connecting people who are DeafBlind to their community and environment.  As a SSP, you will provide access to the DeafBlind participant by being aware of your surroundings and relaying all visual and verbal information that you see and/or hear. You will learn to become a guide of navigation in the environment or setting you are in.

Support Service Provider Key responsibilities


SSPs will provide communication access while working with the participants and others involved. Communication is a team effort; both you and the participants will discuss needs and the most effective communication style prior to your time together. 


 As a SSP, you will communicate all environmental information that is requested by the participant. The DeafBlind person may want to know details about their surroundings, such as: people, colors, and buildings. Some DB may not care about the level of detail. Always check with DB. Reading signs, newspapers, mail, bills, and menus might be asked of you as well.


Transportation is essential to having a quality daily life, therefore SSPs will provide rides as needed, joining them on public transportation, buses, airplanes, taxis, or by other modes perhaps requested.


 Safety comes first, which means a SSP must communicate and develop safety plans prior to the assignment with the DeafBlind participant.  Trust is a big factor for keeping everyone safe and working effectively as a team.

apply for services

A DeafBlind participant who shows an interest and applies for involvement in the SSP Program will receive training prior to utilizing services. The participants will be introduced to some local resources, study the key responsibilities, learn how to reserve a provider, work hands-on with trainers and SSPs to practice techniques, and will receive a certification when all requirements are completed. For more information or have if you have questions about receiving SSP Services, please email us at

Become a support service provider

To become a Support Service Provider, you must meet all of the following criteria:
- Be over 18 years of age
- Demonstrate the skills necessary to communicate comfortably and effectively with DeafBlind individuals
- Have access to the internet and able to use a personal email address
- Possess a valid driver's license and proof of auto insurance or state-issued identification; and
- Fulfill the requirements of the Background Screening Policy and Drug Screen

Beyond Interpreting is excited for your interest in serving the DeafBlind Community of Missouri as a Support Service Provider. If you are needing any further information or have questions about becoming a SSP, please email: We look forward to working with you!

Beyond Interpreting Support Service Provider Training and Services is made possible by a grant through Missouri Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.